This Safety Resource site includes printable safety posters and corresponding safety tests as well as PowerPoint presentations and videos that teachers can use to reinforce safer Integrative STEM Education (I-STEM Ed) lab practices. These resources complement the completely revised (2014) Designing Safer Learning Environments for Integrative STEM Education, Fourth Edition, which aids teachers in developing and carrying out a safety program in the technology and engineering education classroom.  Order the Safety Resource on CD from ITEEA today -

Tyler S. Love and Kenneth Russell Roy, with the help of the staff at ITEEA, created these webpages for those who purchase the book, with numerous safety resources to help promote safer I-STEM Ed teaching and learning. Under the safety tests tab of the website are videos created by Luke Rhine, Director of Career and Technical Education for the Delaware Department of Education (also included in the Supplementary Materials portion of the CD) showing students the safer way to use various tools and machines, which are accompanied by corresponding safety tests.


Welcome to the ITEEA’s Safety Resources Webpage.  Please read and agree to the following disclaimer by clicking the “I Agree” button at the bottom.  You can navigate the website by using the tabs at the top of the following pages.

The opinions in the materials on this website represent prudent practice on the subject based on OSHA and other safety regulations but do not purport to specify all legal standards.  No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by the authors or the ITEEA as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained herein.   They are intended to provide basic guidelines in the areas of employee and employer safety and loss control/prevention. 

Therefore, it cannot be assumed that all necessary warning and precautionary measures are contained in this information.  Users of the information should also consult pertinent local, state, and federal laws and legal counsel for additional safety prevention program components.  The implementation and promotion of safe practices in the laboratory/classroom to prevent incidents and injuries to students is the sole responsibility of the instructor.

It should be noted that none of the tools and machines pictured on this website indicate there is an increased risk produced by the manufacturers of those tools and machines.  They simply serve as examples of common equipment found in technology and engineering education laboratories.  Instructors should follow all state and local guidelines in regards to safety and instruction.  In addition to the resources on this website, it is recommended that instructors provide demonstrations to students regarding the specific machines in their laboratory to provide students with concrete exemplars to relate to.  The safety materials provided on this website were adapted from materials provided by ITEEA’s Council for Supervision and Leadership  (CSL), ITEEA’s Engineering by Design summer professional development handouts, the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Safety Guidelines for Technology Education and Elementary Science/Technology Education manual, and the Department of Agricultural. Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech.  The videos presented on this website were created by Luke Rhine and are part of the ITEEA-CSL webpage.

I have read the disclaimer above and hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ITEEA and the authors for all liability incurred through the use of the materials on this website.

Created by Tyler S. Love

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